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Here Are Some Vegan Slim & Sustain Success Stories!

If You're Done Counting Calories And Cutting Back On Carbs...

Tia was sick and tired of the typical weight loss shenanigans promoted in the mainstream health world.

"Eat less"
"Move move"
"Carbs are bad"

No thanks! Tia confronted her diet mentality of old, got in those healthy carbs and lost 24lbs doing zero exercise aside from walking!

Better yet, months after the program ended, Tia is now -45lbs down! Results for life!

If You Know What To Eat But Struggle To Be Consistent...

Joe understood the main rules of plant-based eating, but lacked structure, meal planning, and suffered with emotional eating.

Once we created a simple nutrition plan that Joe could enjoy and actually sustain, he shot down the scales!

Joe dropped almost 25lbs in the first 90 days and has lost another 10lbs since extending his coaching. Joe's also stopped eating his feelings. 

The best part? Joe gets to eat his beloved potatoes and hummus every day!

If Motivation Comes In Bursts But You Never Fully Commit And Breakthrough...

Find yourself having brief spurts of motivation but never really sticking to your weight loss plan? Tired of seeing the same numbers as you go up and down the scale?

That was Malcolm, until he took the plunge and got the accountability he'd been missing. 

Malcolm finally broke through and lost his first 15lbs inside the Vegan Slim & Sustain program eating simple and satisfying plant-packed meals!

In the final days of the program, Malcolm sent me a message saying that he "can definitely keep this up for the long run!"

If You're Low On Energy From Being A Busy Parent & Using Food To Cope...

Angelica struggled to find the energy and motivation to exercise alongside parenting, and was mislead into thinking HIIT workouts were the answer.

Instead, we created a low-intensity exercise plan that matched Angelica's current fitness level and wasn't so draining that it took away from her family life!

Angelica was given the mental coaching she needed to stop turning to sweet junk foods in times of stress or escapism and instead channel her natural "sweet-tooth" in the right way with fruit. She lost 15lbs in 90 days and gained the knowledge to keep weight loss going for the long-term!

If You're Working Hard To Lose Weight But Confused Why It's Not Working...

Priscilla was going in circles, wondering what on earth she was doing wrong! 

After giving Priscilla extreme clarity on what to do to lose weight, she lost almost 9lbs in the first 30 days alone!

Priscilla is now expecting, so we've taken a pause, but I look forward to helping her become a fit, energetic, plant-powered Momma soon!

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These Folks Are Getting Unreal Wins Right Now!

THAT'S RIGHT, even more reviews!

Hear What Tia & Joe Have To Say About The Program...

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